5 weekend DIY projects your pets will love


Planning of some DIY projects for your pet? As a committed pet lover, we are always onto something to make life easier and fun-filled for our furry friends. Is it lack of time that’s bothering you? Well, not to worry the post below entails a list of 5 great weekend DIY projects and your pet would just love them.

Suitcase canine bed

Dog beds can be pricey and if you are looking for an economical and more interesting solution, you can easily convert your old suitcase into a canine bed. You would just need to get a pillow & pillow sham. Choose your pet’s favorite color for the sham and use it to cover the pillow. Then, place it inside your suitcase with the corners firmly tucked in. You may or may not discard upper half of your suitcase. If you want to keep it intact, you can use it to store dog toys.

DIY dog crate for travelling

If you want your beloved pet to travel royally, a dog crate would be essential. But before you start, you must take proper measurement of your dog to understand the right dimension of the crate. Get a wooden plank and cut out back, top and two sides of the crate. Just remember that the bottom and top of the crate would be of the exact size. Now, align the pieces accordingly and nail them up. You can get gridded metal-door as they come with hinges attached. Now you would simply need to screw up the hinges with crate sides to complete the crate.

Cat tent

You will need a small tee, two wire hangers, pliers, tape, cardboard, four safety pins & cardboard (15” by 15”). First, use the pliers to cut out the hanger hook & create a U-shape. Then, make a hole on one corner of cardboard with one side of your hanger & 1” of wire should stick out. Bend it in 900 angle with pliers & tape it up. Follow the same with other side of your hanger. You have to poke it right into opposite part of your cardboard. Use tape to secure top of hangers. Now, simply put the frame into your tee. The bottom end and sides would be flapping which you can fix up with safety pins. Flip the whole thing upright & place a soft comfy bedding inside.

DIY dog toy

Get some colorful stretchy shirts and cut them into 60cm long strips with 1.5 cm width. Place the strips next to one another and make sure to have a multi-color bunch. Hold all of them together & tie the top into a solid knot. Then, start braiding and braid till you reach the fag end. After that, just make a knot once again with the fringes.

Chair pet dish holder

Get your child’s old little chair and carve out a portion in the middle in the size of your dog feeding bowl. Then, simply insert the bowl into the hole and fill it up with your furry friend’s favorite snacks.

Wish you all luck with these adorable DIY ideas.