List of Acquisitions of AGF Under Blake Goldring

Company Expansion

The American Group Fund Management Limited or AGF is a Canadian investment company which started its operations in 1957. The company started as a mutual fund management firm which collectively invests Canadian investment funds which they pool together to invest in United States equity. This company has really been a tiger, parallel to its logo, in the investment world as it has actively purchased and absorbed various fund management firms. The following has been purchased by the Canadian company:

  1. Global Strategy Holdings
  2. Cypress Capital Management
  3. Doherty and Associates Investment Counsel
  4. Highstreet Asset Management
  5. Acuity Investment Management
  6. FFCM
  7. Robitaille Asset Management

The aggressive investment company is surely flexing its muscle over other investment companies. This is surely a sign of AGF’s sustainable growth.

The Man

The head of the management company AGF is blake goldring who has been with the company for a long time. This business minded person has also been the Head of Marketing and Sales for the whole company operation. He was the elected to be the president of the company three years later. After many years with the company he was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has then led the company to numerous venture to improve its services. Many addition to the company’s portfolio was launched under his leadership. His strong personality has influenced the company to try out different things.

He has led the expansion of the company globally. He spearheaded the acquisitions of the above mentioned companies. He was also the head during some mergers.

Goldring is not only known for being the head of AGF. He is a well-known philanthropist doing charitable works for his countrymen. He has also led efforts to support soldiers and their families especially army veterans. He has garnered many awards in many aspects of life which greatly validate his contribution to society.