Therapist Santa Rosa Versus The Agents Of Stress

Aging Agents

As time goes on, people’s lifespan has kept on becoming shorter and shorter. There are actually multiple reasons to consider we tracing the cause of a shorter lifespan. Food, lifestyle, pollution, are just some of the determinants to predict the lifespan of people. Back then, people lived a lot longer compared to people these days, another factor concerned with this relation is that during the days, people were consuming natural and organic products, unlike today where the majority of food servings are processed and have a lot of preservatives.


Another major factor that contributes to the shortening of people’s lives is the load of stress that they experience and the way people manage or handle stress. Stress, if not handled properly, could cause certain mental and physical diseases or worse, could even be fatal. This is why stress management is essential in today’s busy and hardworking environment.


Psychiatrists and therapists, like therapist santa rosa, are available for consultations, recommendations, and suggestions when it comes to living a healthy life. They could also help in managing stress, in particular, to have a relaxing and less aging lifestyle.

Stress Agents

Below are some of the main contributors of stress on the lives of humans:

  • Work – because of people’s drive to earn money, work has been their resort on living a comfortable life
  • Relationship problems – your relationship with other people and the end result of these relationships could affect your life as a whole if you let the former interfere with the latter.
  • Monetary problems – people nowadays think that without money, your life would stop from moving. It is as if money is the only thing that keeps us from living.
  • School – even the young ones could experience stress. School work and other school related activities are also stressful especially for students that are weak of heart